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Solid expertise and professional skills

G&G Associated was founded in 2008 with the coming together of different professional experiences: the result is a managerial research team to which each of the associates brings his or her solid expertise and a wide array of personal skills.
Since then the team has been enriched by additional high-value resources and the agency has grown, exponentially increasing both its project design and research capabilities and its purely operational resources. The research team at G&G Associated is supported by a complete organisational structure: the agency therefore handles internally all phases of a study from its initial design to final data processing.

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Facilities and Resources

For qualitative studies

Focus group, creative sessions, individual interviews 

G&G has its own in-house facilities for carrying out focus groups, creative sessions and individual depth interviews, including an adjoining viewing/listening room and closed-circuit TV equipment, a simultaneous translation service and video recording. As well as its own full-time moderators G&G has 45 psychologists at its disposal for qualitative depth interviews.

For quantitative studies

CATI, CAWI, face to face

G&G has its own CATI center with 40 workstations at its offices in Rome. It has a field network extending throughout Italy with 650 quantitative interviewers and 25 area supervisors. This operational fieldwork organisation works alongside:

  • an advanced data storage and protection system
  • in-house data processing and questionnaire programming activities (using processing formats SPSS, ASCII, EXCEL, etc.)
  • the production of reports and presentations both in the Client’s own format or as developed by G&G.

Excellence, quality, competitiveness

Our strengths

Consultancy and research design

Consider the Client’s needs and problem, design a “made to measure” study.

Research and project management

Implement quality control procedures, constantly verify compliance with standards.

Education and training

Select and train field staff based on the needs of the study.


Collect the data using the most appropriate tools.

Data processing

Use cutting-edge technological methods and tools.

Analysis and reporting

Exploit the agency’s existing database and the expertise and professional intuition of its researchers.

Presentation of results

Prepare in formats that provide excellent legibility of the data and information collected.

Design and research skills



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