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CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview), Face to face, Web.


Computer Assisted Telephone Interview

A tool with the capability to optimise fieldwork timings and costs. It enables very widely distributed samples to be covered without barriers created by geographical location or the population of the respondents’ area of residence. Suitable for verifying, estimating and probing specific problems, opinions, customer satisfaction parameters, etc.

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Face to face

Complex questionnaires

An effective tool in studies requiring complex questionnaires, since the respondent’s interest is maintained and eligibility criteria and demographic quotas can be verified more effectively. It is therefore suited to longer questionnaires than those used in telephone surveys, as well as cases in which it is necessary to show visual prompts, to touch product concepts, to view recorded images and to include self-completed questionnaire sections.


Rapid surveys

The indispensable tool of the age and the new frontier of market research. The interactive channel enables the reduction of research timings and costs to a minimum while conducting rapid surveys with an incomparable level of geographical coverage compared to traditional fieldwork tools. It is suited to contacting parts of the population who are the ideal target of highly technological products, or populations who are difficult to reach through traditional channels. It also makes it possible to gather opinions on specific products more easily and cheaply (through chats or forums) than traditional survey tools. The classic qualitative methodological approaches of Focus Groups and personal interviews can also be conducted in a virtual environment on the Web.