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Dalla ricerca qualitativa e motivazionale, fino ad arrivare alle analisi statistiche multivariate, passando per sessioni creative e di brainstorming.

Quantitative Research

Personal (in-home, in-hall or in-store), telephone (CATI) or online (CAWI) interviews

The method used to investigate areas such as product purchasing and consumption habits, levels of brand awareness, appreciation of an advertising message, perceptions and performance of the image of a product or service, the assessment of a social education campaign: the research is carried out among a sample that reflects the characteristics of the universe to be explored. Quantitative studies can also be carried out on a periodic basis to monitor the dynamism and evolutionary trend of a phenomenon (tracking).

Qualitative and Motivational Research

Individual depth interviews, focus groups, paired interviews, ethnographic interviews, participant observation, mystery customers

Probes in-depth the expressed motivations and deep-down needs of consumers, grasping these in their dynamic and interpersonal aspect and often anticipating trends, evolutionary tendencies and expectations. When combined with quantitative research it helps to investigate in-depth all keys to interpretation, giving an indispensable substance to percentages and trends.

Integrated Research

Techniques and tests borrowed from sociology, psychology and statistics.

The most effective method when the study needs to provide information of two types: that emerging from a motivational analysis of the phenomena under study and information aimed at “quantifying”, among a large sample, each finding produced by the qualitative phase.

This integrated research approach makes use of techniques and tests borrowed from sociology, psychology and statistics.

Child Studies

Motivational studies

Motivational studies carried out among children’s targets that involve the contribution of developmental psychologists and the use of special group management methods (animation techniques, play-based tests, drawing, collages, etc.).

Creative and Brainstorming Sessions

Group creative work session

Creative sessions are the ideal method when there is a need is to discover and explore as-yet unexplored territories and when a phenomenon needs to be approached with new eyes and from new angles. They are performed by drawing on the individual’s emotional-symbolic heritage and multiple creative resources, using stimuli of different types. They are suitable for the elaboration of new strategies and for producing ideas for the development of new products or services, product line extensions, advertising concepts, names, etc.

Brainstorming is an ideative group work session aimed at a specific problem-solving task. The advantage of using it is to exponentially enhance the creative process with the aim of activating a “collective brain”, the dynamics of which are dictated by each participant’s commitment to the task and team spirit.

Mystery Shopping

The fieldworker assumes the guise of a customer

The ideal study method for measuring the performance of a sales, front office or call center service in a wide range of market areas. This technique is also used for recording and monitoring market prices at large or small retail outlets. The fieldworker assumes the guise of a customer, requesting a certain product or service and, in doing so, gauging the response of the retailer or operator as regards a series of pre-set parameters.

Semiotic Analyses

Analysis in order to produce a map of values

Examines the contribution of iconic and graphic components in the expressive (formal) and content-based (figurative or semantic) aspects of an object being analysed in order to produce a map of values. A brand – customer relationship profile is produced in the same way. Using the values of the object and the brand- customer relationship profile another profile is delineated of the “model user”, defined according to a series of discriminating characteristics, social universes and lifestyles.

Desk Research

Information from textual sources

The gathering and organisation of information from different types of written sources. The aim of desk research may be to analyse the sources themselves or to provide information support to complement other research methods.

Multivariate Statistical Analyses

Correlation between variables

These can map the correlations between different variables.