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By using market research and the support of tools and expertise for the application of the most innovative marketing models it is possible to:
  • discover the language of your target market
  • understand the most advanced and as-yet unexplored stimuli and opportunities
  • positively guide the development of a brand
  • identify the drivers influencing the consumer’s buying behaviour
  • deepen your knowledge of suppliers
  • monitor competitors from the tactical and strategic perspective
  • anticipate the main strategies of competitors
  • design the best response strategies

Brand Diagnostic Index

Brand Equity from the client viewpoint

Research and systematic evaluation model of Brand Equity from the client viewpoint: reported as a summary index and 10 sub-indices relating to the main constituent components: > Impact > Knowledge > Awareness > Liking > Presence > Conviction > Preference > Stand Out > Purchase > Retention Advocacy

Product Test Index

Potential and market positioning

System for evaluating the potential and market positioning of new or existing products. Defines the product’s potential profile based on the following principal criteria: > Overall liking > Likes & Dilsikes > Value for money > I would Buy > Uniqueness > Taste and Organoleptic factors > Other diagnostic indicators

Quick Response Test (QRT)

Focus Group

Focus groups managed by two senior qualitative researchers who are involved in all phases of the study, from the proposal to the report stage, with the advantage – in a way fully compatible with the best possible probing of all relevant study areas – of a very rapid turnaround (moderation of focus groups and presentation of results in 2-3 working days).


Creative Workshops

Qualitative research methodology and support activities based around creative workshops, with the main objective of rapidly and effectively generating ideas that are in-line with and relevant to the existing brand and/or business strategy thanks to direct integration between management and consumers.

Brand Your Flash (BYF-T)

Perceptive research technique

A perceptive research technique: the design on the front of a pack can incorporate an array of variables: colours, dimensions, types of faces, illustrations, header. These variables mutually interact, making it easier or harder to identify the pack on the typical retail display. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the product is immediately visible and recognisable. The BYF-Test is suited above all to the following areas of research:

  • Readability test: to measure the design’s effectiveness in communicating the brand, the way it is made, the nature of the product and other specific factors relating to the copy.
  • Shelf impact test: this focuses on the recognisability of the product, not in isolation but on the shelf.
  • Recognisability test: useful when a well-known brand adopts a new pack or a new design.

Integrazione semiotica

Advertising, packaging, names, icons and logos

G&G has developed a methodological protocol for the integration of field-based research and semiotic analyses applied to both qualitative and quantitative studies on advertising, packaging, names, icons and logos: in these contexts semiotic analysis enables a more complete understanding of the processes and reasons behind the reactions of targets, and therefore a more precise identification of functional and dysfunctional communicational elements, thus enabling us to provide recommendations of higher operational value.

Child World Test (CWT)

World of children Test

Using the same technique as the QRT, G&G Associated has developed the CHILD WORLD TEST to research the world of children using the correct approach. The CWT is conducted by one male and one female researcher, both specialists in developmental age psychology, with the use of specific child observation techniques, animation techniques, play-based tests, etc.

The Agency has developed some very effective role-identification techniques for older children (pre- adolescents), enabling us to use their responses to also gauge the opinions of their mothers by leveraging identification dynamics that are still very intense at this age.

Creative Techniques on the brand

Brand Shuttle, Astrolabio, Brand World

Techniques developed by G&G that take their cue from more conventional approaches or from methods used in other contexts. At the end of the “exploratory” phase, ideas are analysed on the basis of the objective being pursued:

Brand Shuttle – Each individual component that has an impact on the brand’s positioning is a starting element for the creative work undertaken: a type of engine producing new ideas for advertising, development or the repositioning of that particular brand.

Astrolabio – Takes its cue from the “mind mapping” technique, which can be described as a creative organisational tool. It involves the formulation – starting with an initial statement used as a prompt – of a universe of meanings structured into in different semantic “pathways” which, in turn, lead to further evocative nuclei. Compared to Brand Shuttle this technique is more useful when the brand architecture is particularly complex or when the initial information surrounding the brand is not yet well defined.

Brand World – Takes its cue from the “Brand Room” technique that is widely used within advertising agencies. Suitable for generating unusual connections compared to the traditional brand “environment”, and thus particularly effective for refreshing the information available on a specific brand or for observing the brand, its consumers and its market positioning in a broader and more dynamic way.

Real time (concept recycling)

For packaging, logos and name tests

Another perceptive technique, this can be used in the context of qualitative studies conducted through focus groups: it meets the need to rapidly arrive at the best possible definition of an advertising campaign, pack, logo or name. The tool is very effective during creative sessions with “difficult” targets (children or adults who are unaccustomed to working with divergent thinking, etc.).

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